Built on top of a proven tech stack

Jeasx is a sleek and modern framework that leverages tried and tested web technologies to deliver powerful and efficient web solutions.


Fastify is a high-performance web framework that excels at delivering an exceptional developer experience with minimal overhead. Fastify stands out as one of the fastest web frameworks available.


JSX is an outstanding templating technology that simplifies web development. By utilizing an asynchronous JSX runtime, the development process becomes even more straightforward.


esbuild is a bundler for JavaScript. It is written in Go, which enables it to achieve remarkable performance gains. esbuild supports JSX, TypeScript, tree-shaking and more.


PM2's intuitive configuration options and extensive feature set make it a go-to choice for developers looking to streamline their workflow and maximize productivity.

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Jeasx embraces modern HTML and CSS as the core building blocks for web development, complemented by server-side rendered JSX. It provides the flexibility to seamlessly enhance functionality using JavaScript, empowering developers to create dynamic web sites with minimal resource consumption.

Getting started

Start your project instantly with a single command, enabling seamless development with zero turnarounds. Whether you opt for a traditional Node server or a serverless environment like Vercel, Jeasx provides the flexibility to deploy your application according to your preferences.