What are the latest updates and new features in Jeasx?

2024-07-12 - jeasx 0.9.1 released

Updated to jsx-async-runtime@0.4.1 which fixes a problem when running tests with Vitest.

2024-07-10 - jeasx 0.9.0 released

Updated to jsx-async-runtime@0.4.0 which allows to use 'this' as context object to avoid prop drilling. Have a look at the demo to see how things work.

2024-07-05 - jeasx 0.8.0 released

Updated to jsx-async-runtime@0.3.0 (deprecated renderToString in favor of jsxToString)

2024-07-03 - jeasx 0.7.6 released

Updated to esbuild@0.23.0

2024-07-01 - jeasx 0.7.5 released

Updated to fastify@4.28.1, esbuild@0.22.0, pm2@5.4.1

2024-05-28 - jeasx 0.7.4 released

Updated to esbuild@0.21.4, pm2@5.4.0

2024-05-17 - jeasx 0.7.3 released

Updated to esbuild@0.21.3, @types/node@20.12.12

2024-05-08 - jeasx 0.7.2 released

Updated to fastify@4.27.0, esbuild@0.21.1, @fastify/static@7.0.4

2024-05-07 - jeasx 0.7.1 released

Updated esbuild to 0.21.0.

2024-04-27 - jeasx 0.7.0 released

This release introduces a new feature that allows you to post-process the resulting payloads, such as prettifying the HTML output. You can now set up a response handler, for example, in a guard. The response handler takes the resulting payload as a parameter and returns the modified payload.

import * as prettier from "prettier";
export default function RootGuard({ request, reply }) {
  requestContext.set("response", async (payload) => {
    return typeof payload === "string" &&
      ? await prettier.format(payload, { parser: "html" })
      : payload;
Shame on me...

I have recently started writing news as we approach the 1.0 release. But you can study the changelog at GitHub to see what has happend in the past.

2023-12-30 - First public commit

Our Journey Begins! 🎉 Introducing Jeasx, a revolutionary web development framework born out of a summer experiment in 2023. Our mission? To simplify web development using server-rendered JSX as the cornerstone, bringing back the essence of the web: HTML, CSS, and progressive enhancing JavaScript. Join us as we redefine the future of web development together!